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Sandvik Coromant is born out of the Sandvik Group, and its heritage is steel. But its history begins in 1942, when Wilhelm Haglund was appointed president of a small carbide metal division in Sandviken, Sweden. Who knew that 70 years later these tools would be used all over the world in the manufacturing of products as diverse as aeroplanes, smart phones and beverage cans?

Today, Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools and know-how to the metalworking industry. Extensive investments in R&D as well as close collaboration with customers and other partners has allowed Sandvik Coromant to create unique innovations that are driving industry standards into the next industrial era. Together with its customers Sandvik Coromant has develop tooling solutions and machining knowledge that change, lead and drive the future of manufacturing.

Produtos & Fornecimento Sandvik Cromant

  • Solid Round Tools
  • Turning tools
  • Parting and grooving tools
  • Threading tools
  • Milling tools
  • Drilling tools
  • Boring and reaming tools
  • Tooling systems

Here is the A-Z list of tools:

CoroBore® 824
CoroBore® 825
CoroBore® 825 SL
CoroBore® 826
CoroBore® BC
CoroBore® BR10
CoroBore® BR20
CoroBore® BR30
CoroBore® XL
CoroChuck® 930
CoroChuck® 935
CoroChuck® 970
CoroCut® 1-2
CoroCut® 3
CoroCut® MB
CoroCut® QD
CoroCut® QF
CoroCut® XS
CoroDrill 860
CoroDrill 861
CoroDrill® 400
CoroDrill® 430
CoroDrill® 452
CoroDrill® 460
CoroDrill® 862
CoroDrill® 863
CoroDrill® 865
CoroDrill® 870
CoroDrill® 880
CoroDrill® 881
CoroDrill® DS20
Coromant Capto®
Coromant EH
CoroMill® 161
CoroMill® 162
CoroMill® 171.4
CoroMill® 172

CoroMill® 200
CoroMill® 210
CoroMill® 216
CoroMill® 245
CoroMill® 300
CoroMill® 325
CoroMill® 327
CoroMill® 328
CoroMill® 329
CoroMill® 331
CoroMill® 345
CoroMill® 357
CoroMill® 360
CoroMill® 365
CoroMill® 390
CoroMill® 415
CoroMill® 419
CoroMill® 425
CoroMill® 490
CoroMill® 495
CoroMill® 690
CoroMill® 745
CoroMill® 790
CoroMill® CenturyT-Max U-Lock®
T-Max® long edge
T-Max® P
T-Max® U trepanning tool CoroMill® 176
CoroMill® 178
CoroMill® 180

CoroMill® Plura – solid end mills
CoroMill® QD
CoroMill® S-60
CoroPlex® MT
CoroPlex® SL
CoroPlex® TB
CoroPlex® TT
CoroReamer™ 435
CoroReamer™ 830
CoroReamer™ 835
CoroTap® 100
CoroTap® 200
CoroTap® 300
CoroTap® 400
CoroThread® 266
CoroTurn® 107
CoroTurn® 300
CoroTurn® Prime
CoroTurn® SL
CoroTurn® TR
CoroTurn® XS
Fine boring head
QS™ holding system
Silent Tools™
Silent Tools™ for turning
T-Max Twin-Lock®

Catálogos da Sandvik Coromant em português

Here you can find Sandvik Coromant’s catalogs ready for download:

Turning tools – General turning

Catalog Contents: CoroTurn® XS, external /internal tools for small part machining, CoroCut® MB, internal tools for precision machining, Holders for external/internal machining, Small part machining External/Internal.

Product families: CoroCut 1-2, CoroCut 3, CoroCut XS, CoroDrill Delta-C, CoroMill 316, CoroMill 327, CoroMill 390, CoroMill 790, CoroMill Century, CoroMill Plura, CoroThread 266, CoroTurn 107, CoroTurn 111, CoroTurn TR, Coromant Capto, T-Max, T-Max P.

Turning tools – Threading

Catalog Contents: Choose your pitch and size of insert. If possible choose a multipoint insert for better productivity. Choose your geometry, grade and type of infeed. Detailed recommendations. Selection of tooling system and type of holder.

Product families: CoroCut XS, CoroThread 266, CoroTurn 107, Coromant Capto, T-Max, T-Max P, T-Max Twin-Lock, T-Max U, T-Max U-Lock.

Turning tools – Tooling systems

Catalog Contents: Coromant Capto® Tool holder overview, Manual clamping units, Automatic clamping units, Boring bar adaptor, Extension/reduction adaptors, Coromant Capto® short adaptor for exchangeable head, ER collet chuck adaptor, Tap adaptor, Spare parts and accessories.

Product families: CoroMill 316, Coromant Capto, HSK, T-Max, Varilock

Turning tools – Parting and grooving

Catalog Contents: Parting off, grooving, profiling and turning Inserts, External/internal tools/Inserts, Other systems for parting and grooving.

Product families: CoroCut 1-2, CoroCut 3, CoroCut XS, T-Max.

You can lso dowload other catalogs from our Download page.

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