Walter Tools

Walter AG is one of the world’s leading metalworking companies. As provider of specialized machining solutions, Walter tools offers a wide range of precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications. Walter works together with its customers to develop custom solutions for fully machining components for use in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as automotive, energy, and general engineering.

Walter Tools production program includes:

  • Turning tools
  • Hole making tools
  • Threading tools
  • Milling tools
  • Adaptors
  • Special tools and solutions

Walter Turning, grooving and threading tools

​​​​​​​​​Walter offers a complete range of tools for turning, grooving and thread machining. All precision tools are available with standard ISO square shanks and boring bars, as well as with Walter Capto™ C3 to C8 interface. This guarantees maximum flexibility, stability and repeatability on every lathe.

  • ISO turning
  • Grooving and parting off
  • Threading tools
  • Walter Capto™

The Walter and Walter Prototyp competence brands can provide you with the right milling cutter for virtually any machining task. From the solid carbide mini mill with a diameter of 0.1 mm to the face mill with 315 mm diameter carbide indexable inserts in cartridge form. Various cutting tool material grades, such as coated carbide, PCD, CBN or HSS, allow a broad scope of applications to be covered.

Walter adaptor systems

With a wide range of connection adaptors, they ensure optimum stability with maximum flexibility and freedom of movement for almost any application. Here you can find a selection of our clamping units and adaptor systems, ranging from modular systems to our monoblock adaptors.

  • Modular systems
  • Monoblock adaptors

Walter Milling Tools

  • M5009 + M5012
  • M5008
  • ​​Walter M4002
  • Walter M4003
  • Walter BLAXX M3024
  • Xtra▪tec® F4033 face mill
  • Xtra▪tec® F4045 heptagon cutter
  • Xtra▪tec® F4030 high-performance mill
  • Xtra▪tec® F4080 octagon cutter
  • F4723 PCD
  • M2025-M2026
  • M5137
  • M5130
  • ​Walter M4132
  • Walter BLAXX F5041/F5141/F5241​
  • Xtra▪tec F4042
  • Xtra▪tec F4041
  • Walter BLAXX F5138 porcupine cutter
  • Xtra▪tec® F4x38 porcupine cutter
  • M2136
  • F4722 PCD
  • Walter BLAXX M3255
  • Porcupine cutter M4256, M4257, M4258
  • Xtra▪tec® F4x53 side and face mill
  • F2339 ball nose mill
  • F2334 round insert cutter
  • F2139 profile mill
Walter presents vibration-damping Accure·tec technology

Walter Tools catalogs

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