Ferramentas IHLE – cilindros de metal duro e cilindros de cerâmica

Gerhard Ihle it is one of biggest producers of carbide rods and blanks in Germany. We are proud to represent this brand in Portugal.

Gerhard Ihle Hartmetalle Werkzeuge e.K. is a specialist for semi-finished products but we don’t do things by halves. Discerning companies around the world profit from our all-encompassing expertise. As a family company with decades of experience, in-depth know-how and strong innovative strength, Gerhard IHLE offer a comprehensive range of services. 

IHLE manufacture high-quality carbide bars for manufacturing carbide milling tools, drills, special tools and wear parts. The blanks are also processed on powerful Ihle cutting-off machines, among others. They are specially tailored to meet the requirements of tool manufacturers and grinders and are highly sought-after on the market. 

As the largest carbide dealer in Europe, IHLE also refine and sell a variety of carbide grades. All have passed the meticulous testing in large materials testing laboratory, which has also established itself as an independent quality centre for carbide and carbide tools.

Perfil da empresa Gerhard Ihle

  • Carbide round bars
    • Raw with machining allowance
    • Rround to tol. h5
  • Carbide milling tool blanks
  • Carbide flat bars
  • Carbide square bars
  • Carbide single lip cutters

Carbide bars, raw

  • Solid carbide round bars, 100 mm long
  • Solid carbide round bars, 310/330 mm long
  • Carbide round bars with central hole
  • Carbide round bars with 2 parallel coolant holes
  • Double-twisted carbide round bars, 30° angle
  • Double-twisted carbide round bars, 40° angle
  • Carbide special shapes

Carbide bars, ground

  • Carbide round bars in fixed lengths, one end chamfered
  • Triple-twisted carbide round bars, 30° angle
  • Triple-twisted carbide round bars, 40° angle
  • Solid carbide flat bars, 100 mm long
  • Solid carbide flat bars, 310/330 mm long
  • Carbide square bars

Catálogo Gerhard IHLE

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Cilindros de cerâmica

Também fornecemos Cilindros de cerâmica para fabricação de fresas. Consulte este link.

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Contacte-nos se precisar mais informação sobre IHLE em Portugal ou quiser fazer pedido de orçamento.