GFG-WFE thread milling cutter from JBO: Efficiency through innovation

Cycle time reduction in the production of external threads using one of JBO patented bell form GFG-WFE thread milling cutter with changeable milling inserts.

Especially in the automotive industry, JBO can show off its innovations. The bell form thread milling cutter with changeable milling inserts, GFG-WFE for short, has been specially developed for the efficient machining of external threads in materials that are difficult to machine, such as rail machining. Another typical application is the production of stainless steel and brass fittings.

Shell type thread milling cutter GFG-WFE

With its stable and patented design, which allows significantly higher numbers of cutting edges and cutting values than conventional systems, JBO has set new standards with this tool, particularly in terms of economy and thread quality.

This allows us to produce an external thread M14x1.5 in the material X8CrNiS18-9 which is an austenitic chrome-nickel steel with added sulphur in 3.5s.

GFG-WFE Application Example

A further advantage is the easy regrinding of the changeable milling inserts. The regrinding of the tooth face is based on the regrinding of straight fluted end mills.

GFG-WFE thread milling cutter application example

Additional information about this tool system can be found on our JBO youtube channel:

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