Shrink Fit Tool Holders

We offer widest range of shrink fit tool holders. A shrink fit tool holder is designed to secure cutting tools used in high-speed milling machines. Rather than using a set screw or collet chuck to grip an end mill, the shrink fit variation uses the heating and cooling properties of metal.

Shrink fit technology overview

  • DIN 69871
    • Shrink chucks 4,5°
    • Shrink chucks 4,5° cooling channels
    • Shrink chucks 3° – slim
  • JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT)
    • Shrink chucks 4,5°
    • Shrink chucks 4,5° cooling channels
    • Shrink chucks 3° – slim
  • Dual Contact
    • DC 30
    • DC 40
  • ISO 12164-1 (HSK A)
    • Shrink chucks 4,5°
    • Shrink chucks 4,5° cooling channels
    • Shrink chucks 3° – slim
  • ISO 12164-1 (HSK F)
  • ISO 26623-1 (PSK)
    • PSK 32
    • PSK 40
    • PSK 50
    • PSK 63
  • Shrink fit extensions
  • Inductive Shrink-fit unit KSG 2020 Ø 3 mm – 32 mm
  • Accessories shrink-fit unit
    • Toolholder adapter – water cooled
    • Length adjusting sleeve
    • Service pump
Shrink Fiit Holders Program

KEMMLER Shrink Fit Tool Holders

Download latest catalog of KEMMLER tools shrink fit program.

Induction Shrink-fit unit KSG 2020

Induction shrink fitting refers to the use of induction heater technology to pre-heat metal components between 150 °C and 300 °C thereby causing them to expand and allow for the insertion or removal of another component. Typically the lower temperature range is used on metals such as aluminium and higher temperatures are used on metals such as low/medium carbon steels. The process avoids the changing of mechanical properties whilst allowing components to be worked. Metals typically expand in response to heating and contract on cooling; this dimensional response to temperature change is expressed as a coefficient of thermal expansion.

The KEMMLER induction shrink unit „KSG 2020“ with foldable cooling tower is the progression to efficient shrinking with integrated liquid cooling. Shrinking and cooling are carried out in one position without the need to handle the shrink chucks.

The induction shrink unit „KSG 2020“ is suitable for the shrinking of HM shafts Ø 3 – 32 mm and of steel shafts Ø 6 – 32 mm.

  • Shrink parameters for all standard chucks are stored in the processor
  • 50 parameter sets for special tools can be stored
  • Manual shrinking is possible
  • Max. shrink-fit chuck length 400 mm
  • Coil is guided manually
  • Simple menu guidance in the graphic display with dialogue control
  • Water cooling in the foldable cooling tower

The induction shrink machine „KSG 2020“ is equipped with the exchange coil technology. The coil can be changed and shrink diameter range goes up to 50mm.

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