VDI Tool Holders

The main principle behind the VDI system is a quick-change, cam-operated clamping system for each toolholder within the tool disc. With VDI tool holders tool changes can therefore be performed within seconds, rather than within minutes as with the traditional block system. The toolholders can also be preset away from the lathe on a presetter.

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Swiss-type turning

Clamping tools

Driven VDI Tool Holders

We offer driven VDI tool hooders by W&F Werkzeugtechnik for different machines (like DMG MORI).

VDI Driven Tools – DIN1809

  • DIN1809 Axial Driven Tools
  • DIN1809 Radial Driven Tools
  • DIN1809 Radial Offset Driven Tools
  • DIN1809 Adjustable Driven Tools

VDI Driven Tools – DIN5480

  • DIN5480 Axial Driven Tools
  • DIN5480 Radial Driven Tools
  • DIN5480 Radial Double Driven Tools
  • DIN5480 Radial Offset Driven Tools
  • DIN5480 Axial Offset Driven Tools
  • DIN5480 Adjustable Driven Tools

VDI Driven Tools – DIN5482

  • DIN5482 Axial Driven Tools
  • DIN5482 Radial Driven Tools
  • DIN5482 Radial Offset Driven Tools
  • DIN5482 Axial Offset Driven Tools
  • DIN5482 Adjustable Driven Tools

Static VDI Tool Holders DIN 69880 / ISO 10889-1

We offer wide range of static tool holders:

  • Tool Holders for Square Shank Tools
  • Tool Holders for Drills and Taps
  • VDI ER Collet Chuck
  • Tool Holders for Boring Bars & Indexable Drills
  • VDI Bar Puller
  • Blanking Plugs
  • Tool Holders for Parting Off
  • VDI Tool Blanks
  • VDI Adaptors
  • VDI Tool Holders for DMG Mori Seiki

Our static VDI tool holders program (KEMMLER tools, KINTEK) includes next tools:

  • Radial form B1 right, short
  • Radial form B1 right, short IK
  • Radial form B2 left, short
  • Radial form B2 left, short IK
  • Radial form B3 overhead, right
  • Radial form B3 overhead, right IK
  • Radial form B4 overhead, left
  • Radial form B4 overhead, left IK
  • Radial toolholders B5
  • Radial toolholders B6
  • Radial toolholders B7
  • Radial toolholders B8
  • Axial form C1 right
  • Axial form C1 right IK
  • Axial form C2 left
  • Axial form C2 left IK
  • Axial form C3 overhead, right
  • Axial form C3 overhead, right IK
  • Axial form C4 overhead, left
  • Axial form C4 overhead, left IK
  • Rectangular toolholders D1
  • Rectangular toolholders D2
  • Parting-off tollholder right
  • Parting-off tollholder left
  • Collet chucks E3 OZ
  • Collet chucks E4 ER
  • Boring holders for drills form E1
  • Boring bar holders form E2
  • Reduction sleeves for boring b.h
  • Drill chuck adaptors
  • CNC-Drill chucks
  • CNC-Drill chucks w. spray nozzle
  • Adaptor sleeves form F1
  • Tapping chucks with l. c.
  • Tapping chucks without l. c.
  • Protection steel plugs
  • Protection plastic plug
  • Test arbors
  • Soft blank A1
  • Soft blank form A2, round
  • Hydraulic expansion chuck
  • Accessories

Please consult our general tool holders page to see news, novelties and tool holder brands we represent.

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