W&F Werkzeugtechnik tool holders

1991: Founding of W&F Werkzeugtechnik GmbH in Gingen.

1993: Enlargement of warehouse and office space. Move to Reichenbach a. d. Fils

1995: Expansion of the clamping program. In addition to the standard program, W&F also offers tool holders in up to five different lengths.

2001: Relocation and foundation of the new company center in Großbettlingen.

2003: Development of the modular precision interface WFU for the milling area.

2004: Development of the first high-accuracy quick-change system for driven tools WFB. This quick-change system is the first to combine precision, flexibility and functionality thanks to a cone-planing system with an additional cylindrical support collar.

2006: Introduction to the art of turning. Development of the comprehensive tool program for all common machine manufacturers of short part turning machines.

2008: Expansion of the product program by entering the long part turning technology. Start cooperation with well-known manufacturers of lathes and develop innovative system solutions for their machines.

2009: Expansion of the company center in Großbettlingen by approx. 2,000 m².

2013: Development of modular thread whirling machines with our patented quick-change system WFG. With a circular accuracy of <3μ and a repeatability accuracy of <2μ, this interface is not only characterized by its flexibility but also by its accuracy.

2014: Development of modular turning tool holder  – WF-Micro. With the development of the WF micro interface, we have succeeded in developing a modular quick-change system, which sets new standards in terms of precision and, above all, process safety.

W&F Werkzeugtechnik Company Profile

Milling tools

  • Clamping Tools
    • Collet chucks
    • End mill holder DIN 6359
    • End mill holder DIN 6359 W&F-Line
    • Shrink fit chucks 
    • Milling machine arbors DIN 6358
    • Milling machine arbors DIN6357
    • Adaptor sleeves DIN 6364
    • Holding arbors
    • Reduction arbors (to hold taper holders DIN 2080/DIN 69871 – MAS BT)
    • Master shanks (To hold tools with shank DIN 6327)
    • Boring bar-blanks
    • Tapping head quick-change
  • Collets
    • System ER/ESX
    • DIN6388 Form B
    • also available in extra precision version (EP) with runout <5µ
  • Pull studs. Material: steel with 1000 N/mm² tensile strength, execution: hardened 58 +/- 2 HRC
  • Modular tooling systems
    • Heavy duty machining
    • HSC-technology
    • Milling in toolmaking and mold making
    • Wood processing
    • Drilling/milling
    • Use in transfer lines

Turning tools

  • Turning
    • Axial drilling and milling tools 
    • Radial drilling and milling tools 
    • Axis-displaced and recessed toolholders
    • Multi-spindle tools
    • speed ratio up to i=1:3
    • reduction ratio up to i=2:1
    • swivel heads
    • holders with internal cooling up to 120 bar
  • Swiss-type turning
    • Citizen
    • DMG MORI
    • Hanwha
    • Maier
    • Star
    • Tornos
    • Tsugami
  • Multispindle technology
    • Tornos MultiDECO/MultiSigma, Highspeed drilling tools
    • DMG MORI GM20|6, Axial drilling and milling head
    • Tornos SAS16.6, Axial drilling and milling head
    • Tornos Multisigma-8, Milling unit
  • Modular turning holders WFM – modular turning tool holder WF-Micro
    • Size: 10×10, 12×12, 1/2″x1/2″ 16×16
    • Preciseness twist: +/- 5µ
    • change accurancy: +/- 3µ
    • all basic holders with internal cooling
    • Cutting Board Seat: DIN-ISO Type D / C / V (ex stock)
    • Special plate seat: (on request)
  • Thread whirling WFG
    • changing of the insert: < 1 min
    • runout accurancy: < 3µ
    • repeatability: < 2µ
    • presetable outside of the machine
    • available for common swiss-type machines
  • Driven tools

Company also offers VDI tool holders.

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