KEMMLER® Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH, the family business at Mössingen near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg develops, manufactures and distributes innovative and highprecision products around the machine tools. The international acting company was founded in 1997 by Fritz Kemmler and is now run by the second generation of Jörg Kemmler

Kemmler Tool Holders

Company Profile

KEMMLER stores on more than 3,200 m² and manufactures over 6000 products with a consistently high quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Here you will find all the tool holders for all known machine tools:

  • Toolholders DIN 69871 AD/B
  • Toolholders JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT) AD/B
  • BT30 | BT40 Dual Contact
  • Toolholders DIN 2080
  • Shrink Fit Tool Holders
  • Toolholders DIN 69893 (ISO 12164-1) HSK
  • Toolholders ISO 26623 PSC
  • Toolholders DIN 69880 (ISO 10889-1) VDI and HAAS BMT 65
  • Toolholders MT MT DIN 228-1 A and DIN 228-1 B
  • Accessories and Pull studs
  • Collets
  • Precision vices
  • Measuring technique
  • Cutting tools

In addition, KEMMLER provides a complete range of peripherals and accessories around the machine tools such as collets, pull studs, precision vices and metrology.

Kemmler Shrink Fit Tool Holders


By default, all holders are balanced dynamically on G 6.3 / 15,000 rpm  or fine balanced on request. KEMMLER offers not only a wide range of products but primarly ensures a consistently high quality of the products. All toolholders are made of forged steel or forged blanks​​. The result and your advantage: the surface and the entire structure will be strengthened by the forging process and thus achieves a higher stability and low distortion.

  • All holders are made of forged steel
  • Specific, low warpage hardened
  • Surface hardened HRC 60 ± 2
  • Hardening depth 0,8 mm ± 0,2 mm
  • Black-finished and precisionground
  • Taper angle tolerance < AT 3 according to DIN 7187 and DIN 2080
  • Max. runout less than 0,003 mm
  • Surface roughness Rz less than 0,5 μ
  • Tensile strength in the core of min. 1200 N/mm²
  • Dynamically balanced by default G 6,3 / 15.000 U/min

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