MIB Measuring Tools

MIB-Messzeuge GmbH is a manufacturer of measuring instruments located in Germany. Founded in 1977 by Wolfgang Muhrer, the company currently produces and markets worldwide a wide range of analog and digital instruments for high precision measurements. The head office of MIB Messzeuge is located in Germany, while the organization has a network of branches located in Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Poland and South Africa.

The MIB tool (MIB) is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and is distributed through authorized distributors.

MIB-Messzeuge Products Range

Category 1

  • venier caliper
  • digital caliper
  • analogue and digital brake disc caliper
  • measuring tool set

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Category 2

  • control caliper up to 3000 mm
  • universal caliper

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Category 3

  • depth calipers
  • digital scales
  • digital displays

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Category 4

  • micrometers
  • inside micrometers
  • three points micrometers

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Category 5

  • precisions magnifiers
  • microskope
  • video inspection
  • hardeness tester

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Category 6

  • dial indicators
  • internal control
  • caliper gauges

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Category 7

  • squares
  • sliding bevels
  • mitre squares

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Category 8

  • dividers
  • scribers
  • checking sets
  • spring gauges
  • protractors
  • marking calipers

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Category 9

  • gauge block set
  • steel parallel set
  • pin gauges

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Category 10

  • surface plates
  • height gauges
  • magnetic-supports
  • spirit levels

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Category 11

  • flexible steel rules
  • straight-edges
  • steel rules

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Category 12

  • gauges
  • plug gauges
  • ring gauge

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Category 13

  • spirit levels
  • folding rules
  • measuring tapes

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MIB Catalog

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