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Company was founded in 1916 as Japan’s first volume manufacturer of screwdrivers. With most ironworks at the time producing agricultural implements such as spades and hoes, the young company put in place a mass production system specialized for the manufacture of screwdrivers for industrial applications and began supplying its products to the market.

Now VESSEL is a leading fastening tool manufacturer. Our Founder’s Policy of “singleness of purpose” has been passed down to the present day, its undiminished relevance apparent in our dedication to the principles of high quality, fair pricing, new product development, and customer satisfaction.

It is established the three pillars of its business: screwdrivers; bits; and pneumatic tools, including the air impact wrenches it began producing in 1967. During this period, the company successfully staked out a position as a leading manufacturer of fastening tools and industrial equipment.

VESSEL Company Profile

  • Industrial Bits
    • Industrial Supply Bits
    • Automation Install Bits
    • Service Kits for General Pro-Use, Wood & Metal Working, Hardware Applications, Automotive, Motorcycle, Watch, Glasses and, further more.
  • Air Tools
    • Air Dusters
    • Air Micro Grinders
    • Air Impact Wrenches
    • Air Screwdrivers
  • Hand Tools
    • Screwdrivers
    • Precision Screwdrivers
    • Wire Strippers
    • L-wrenches
    • Hammers
  • Anti-Static Solutions
  • Gasoline Engine Impact Wrench, Railway GT-3500GE

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