Ceramic end mill blanks (ground ceramic rods)

We are glade to offer ceramic end mill blanks (ceramic ground rods) for end mill production.

In addition to ceramic end mills produced by OSG Tools (download OSG catalogs here) as well as SsangYong (you can also get it from us) we are ready to supply ceramic end mill blanks from independent European cutting tools manufacturer. Rods material is specially designed SiAlON. The ceramic rods are cylindrical ground in h5 tolerance.

Precision-ground SiAlON ceramic rods

Excellent accuracy of dimension and form as well as maximum surface quality are the basis for successful production of these ceramic milling cutter blanks.

Economical and high-performing

A revolutionary cutting process compared to solid carbide end mills. Outstanding performance results in extreme improvements both in cutting speed and tool life. Especially on Inconel 718.

Comprehensive programme for milling tools

Leadtime round 8 weeks. Test samples may be organized with shorter delivery time.

Ceramic rods sizes available

  • 6×60
  • 8×60
  • 10×65
  • 10×72
  • 12×70
  • 14×85
  • 16×90
  • 18×100
  • 20×105

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