Ceramic Inserts For Hard Turning

Ceramic inserts for hard turning (also known as ceramic lathe inserts) – cutting tools made of ceramic composite materials. Turning is an almost ideal operation for ceramics. In general, it is a continuous machining process that allows a single insert to be engaged in the cut for relatively long periods of time. This is an excellent vehicle to generate the high temperatures that make ceramic inserts perform optimally.

Ceramic cutting tools have the potential for high-speed finish machining as well as for high-removal-rate machining of difficult-to-machine materials. The development of ceramic tool materials can be broadly categorized into three types: monolithic forms, thin coatings, and whisker-reinforced composites.

Ceramic Inserts For Hard Turning

Hard Turning Ceramic Program

Here is the list of ceramic turning inserts geometries (SiAlON, Silicon-Nitride, black mixed ceramics, whisker, white ceramics, CBN and PCD inserts) we have in standard program. Please request special forms and sizes if you didn’t find it here.

CCGW 0602DNMX 1207SCGN 1204TNGN 1103
CCGW 09T3DNMX 1507SCGW 1204TNGN 1604
CDH 1206ENGN 1304SNCN 1204TNGN 1607
CDH 1909ENGN 1307SNGA 0903TNGN 2204
CDH 1912HNEN 0905SNGA 0904TNGN 2207
CDH 2512RBGN 0603SNGA 1204TNGN 2706
CDH 2519RBGN 0604SNGA 1207TNGN 4409
CDH 3209RBGN 0904SNGA 1506TPGN 1103
CDH 3219RBGN 1204SNGN 0903TPGN 1603
CNGA 1204RBGN 1207SNGN 0904TPGN 1604
CNGA 1207RCGN 1207SNGN 1204TPGN 2204
CNGA 1606RCGX 0406SNGN 1207TPGN 2207
CNGA 1607RCGX 0604SNGN 1504TPGW 0602
CNGA 1906RCGX 0606SNGN 1507TPGW 0802
CNGN 1204RCGX 0607SNGN 1906TPGW 0902
CNGN 1207RCGX 0907SNGN 1907TPGW 1102
CNGN 1606RCGX 1207SNGN 2507TPGW 1602
CNGN 1607RCGX 1510SNGN 2509TPKN 1603
CNGN 1906RCGX 1910SNGX 1204TPKN 2204
CNGN 1907RCGX 2512SNGX 1207VNGA 1604
CNGN 2509RNGN 0603SNGX 1507VNGA 1606
CNGX 1204RNGN 0903SNMX 1207VNGA 2204
CNGX 1207RNGN 0904SPGN 0602VNGN 1604
CNGX 1607RNGN 1203SPGN 0603VNGN 1607
CNMX 1207RNGN 1204SPGN 0903VNGX 1607
DCGW 0702RNGN 1207SPGN 1203WNGA 0804
DCGW 0903RNGN 1906SPGN 1204
DCGW 11T3RNGN 1907SPGN 1504
DNGA 1504RNGN 2507SPGN 1904
DNGA 1506RPGN 0903TCGW 1102
DNGA 1507RPGN 0904TEKN 1603
DNGA 1906RPGN 1203TEKN 2204
DNGN 1504RPGN 1204TNCN 2204
DNGN 1506RPGN 1207TNGA 1603
DNGN 1507RPGN 1507TNGA 1604
DNGX 1207RPGN 1907TNGA 2204
DNGX 1507SCGN 0904TNGA 2207
Ceramic inserts geometries. Standard program.

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