Ceramic Threading Inserts

Ceramic threading inserts in Ceracarb tools program available in two different grades – CC200 (white ceramics) and CC520 (cermet). These threading inserts are ceramic inserts for hard turning.

Our comprehensive selection of thread turning solutions for internal and external applications make it possible to produce high-quality threads in all sizes and profiles. On this page you can find information about high-performance threading of hardened steels and cast iron as well as super alloys (Inconel and Nickel base alloys).

INGN Ceramic Threading Inserts

There are two sizes available in catalog (but you can always ask for different shapes and sizes):

  • Threading insert INGN 160435 CC200
  • Threading insert INGN 160435 CC520
  • Threading insert INGN 220435 CC200
  • Threading insert INGN 160435 F303
  • Threading insert INGN 160435 F304

Thread profile according to specification (metric threads, pipe-threads, diffrerent inch-threads etc)

Ceramic threading insert INGN 160435

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